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    Dear my DU Brothers and Sisters,

    I made a post back towards the end of Legion when I was considering starting to play again. Life had been kicking me in the face for a while and I had gotten away from WoW for quite a few years. I wanted to get back into something familiar, something I enjoyed. DU was the first thought I had when I thinking about playing WoW again. I had basically asked what the policy was for former guild members to get back into the guild. This was the response I received:

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    Hey man,
    So this expansion has been a little more punishing as far as players starting into it late, with the artifact knowledge/power/legendaries system, but I'm not saying it's impossible, but it will take a little bit of time to be completely raid ready. With that said, if there is a time to get back into it, it's now. We're currently recruiting ranged dps, and its the start of a new raiding tier, meaning it's an optimal time to start gearing up and playing again.
    Otherwise, as far as I can tell, DU always welcomes old raiders back into the guild. So if you do want to start back up, get on our server and whisper someone in the guild for an invite and you can join as a F&F until you're raid ready, at which point it will be up to the GM's/Officers if you are able to start a probationary period as a raider.

    Do you have any idea what class you would be interested in playing?
    I know we're interested in another mage, possibly a hunter or a warlock at this point, although it sounds like just about any ranged class that is played by a competent player would be welcome.


    I am actively back into WoW and have just been re-familiarizing myself and getting that muscle memory back. I am gearing up for the upcoming raid and feel I am ready to start getting serious about raiding again. So here I am, once again, reaching out to old friends. I am sure there are a lot of new people too, but hopefuly some of the veterans remember me. If this offer still stands, I'd love to get back in the guild and see where it goes. If you also need me to go through the application process as is normal, I am 100% ok with that as well. I am confident I will be competitive in your selection process. Thanks for your time, and I hope to hear back from you guys soon. Either way, good luck guys. Happy Slaying.

    Koby (Damrodred)

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