Guild Masters


Argo has been with the guild since the Molten Core days. In vanilla, he mained a mage (Adresirena). Glass cannon pew pew DPS. He came into a leadership role in Blackwing Lair helping with the website and leading the mages. When the guild merged with another, he stepped up into a council role. And when the guild reformed in Burning Crusade, he was one of the co-GM's.

Since Burning Crusade, his main has been a warrior. You'll usually find him tanking bosses and leading our raids.


A gnome at heart, and a dirty melf in appearance. Osiris joined the guild back in Blackwing Lair. He's been a mage since the beginning and some say he casts magic missiles in real life. He stepped up as a class lead in AQ40 and Naxx. When Burning Crusade rolled around, he proved himself invaluable and was promoted up to one of the co-GM's of the guild.

Nowadays you'll find him yelling at DPS who stand in fire while leading our raids.

Notable Raiders


Bummy. Grindlord. What else is there to say? Most of the guild owes Bummy for getting their weekly Mythic+15 cache run done. A rockstar raider who rarely misses a raid, pumps out insane damage and is only slightly retarded with mechanics. Plus he can tank. A true unicorn.


Fsixteen, or SuicideSkipp, is one of those unicorn raiders. Insane DPS, doesn't fuck up mechanics, near 100% attendance, and can help take on announcing abilities on a boss fight. He's also our resident guild streamer on Twitch. What's his secret? Never raid sober.


Kerpz is a derpz. When he's not putting his foot in his mouth, he's leading our healers and handling the bulk of the recruiting. He's been a great pick up for us and our healing has been rock solid since he stepped into the healing lead role.


Not a lot is known about this mysterious Death Knight's origin. He wandered into our guild 3 years ago, proved he could output insane dps, rarely die, helps with strategies, multi-specs, multi-classes, stocks the bank with consumables and like Bummy carries our team through M+ content - all while not complaining. It's a "fluke" we ever found such a player.


Formerly of the guild Limit, Preheet joined our humble, trash, world-500-something guild to bless us with his raiding knowledge. Wait that's not right. Sometimes we get confused about this too. Our Preheet, the one true Preheet, joined us in 2017. He's been one of the rare great Mages to join our ranks over the years. He streams, makes youtube content, holds down a full-time job, and does it all despite a crippling birth defect of being French Canadian.


Our resident resto druid for 6 years. Maea joined the guild and has always been an consistent healing force for our team. She's seen countless change and weathered the storm with us along the way. While she's currrently taking a step back to focus on her family, we expect to see her in Shadowlands even if its a casual capactiy.

Notable Former Raiders


Our fallen brother. Srhard inherited the GM role of our original guild back in Blackwing Lair. As our main tank, he led us through BWL, AQ40, and Naxx in Vanilla. In Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King, he shared GM powers and raid leadership with Argo and Osiris while continuing to main tank. In Cataclysm, real-life reared its ugly head and forced him to quit. While he's been back a few times, he keeps getting called back to real-life responsibilities. We suck air through our teeth to this day in honor of his memory.


Fasc, aka Plaguelust, aka fatty bear, has been with us since our original server Gorefiend. Most people know him as the theorycrafting bear from the official forum. He annoyed Blizzard so much with his math that they put an item in the game named after him. Or, you know, they respected his contributions. Whatever. While he's currently taking a break from the game, we all know he'll be back eventually.


Argo's e-son Sassenach has also been with us since our original server Gorefiend. He started raiding with us when he was 12. It was a different time back then. But still, WTF were we thinking? I'm pretty sure we scarred him for life. A proud jew who enjoys bacon, his inability to run around pillars is one of the many legends that live on to this day in the guild. Maybe he'll be back to raiding once he realizes his job doesn't own all of his time.


Anax was one of our key pickups on Ysondre after our first realm transfer. Be it healing or tanking, he has always performed at a high level. Throw in all the help he's provided with recruitment, and it was easy to see that he was one of our most valuable members. These days he spends his time raising the next generation of raiders - he probably has enough kids to start a guild of his own.


Tia joined the guild a decade ago as a friend and family member. She ended up leading our healing roster through multiple tiers and expansions, off-tanked the occasional fight, became a DPS when it was needed, and handled the bulk of our recruiting for years. The guild likely wouldn't exist as it does today without her efforts or input. She was the only member of the guild to put in enough effort to warrant a special rank, not quite GM, but not far off. We suspect someday she'll be back to slaying internet dragons with us again in the future.


Diazo (a.k.a. Illumination) is one of those raiders. Female? Yes, but not what I meant. One of those raiders who has an army of alts and plays them all well. She has main changed and role swapped to help the guild more times than we can remember. You'll find her online casually when content is fresh.


Nwpi, or Ipwn, is one of those rare breeds of players who can play multiple specs and classes at a high level. His ability to be our flex tank for 3 tank encounters combined with assisting with consumables somehow kept him in the guild for years despite being Canadian. Real-life pulled him from our raid roster, and he's enjoying his time with his new wife.