Shadowlands Sales

Looking for upgrades? Or perhaps achievements? Maybe you want to gear up an alt without having to PUG. If so, we may be able to accommodate you. Our runs take place on Tuesday and Thursday from 8pm to Midnight ET (7pm - 11pm server). Whether you're looking for full clears or individual bosses, we've got you covered.

Check out our prices below. Have a special request? No problem, add us on and we'll see what we can do - Osiris#1352

Payment and Rules

We require a 20% deposit to reserve your spot. This deposit is non-refundable if you cancel. The rest of the balance is to be paid before the first pull. If you have connection issues, we will wait a total of 15 minutes for you throughout the night. If you disconnect or otherwise have to leave, we will refund you your balance payment minus a 20% penalty and deducting a prorated amount of any bosses killed based on our Á la carte prices.

We do not sell carries for real money. We will not "pilot" your character. Please don't ask, the answer is no.

Packages (Fated Raids)

If you buy a fated full clear from us, you will typically be the only carry in the raid to ensure a smooth and fast experience. Any and all gear that drops that you want for your class and armor type will be yours, including 311 ilvl gear.

Fated Castle Nathria - Full Clear3,500,000
Fated Sanctum of Domination - Full Clear with mount5,000,000
Fated Sepulcher of the First Ones - Full Clear with mount5,000,000

Á La Carte (Shadowlands Raids)

Prices below are reduced for our final raid of Shadowlands. Raid will take place on Tuesday November 22nd at 8pm ET (7pm Mal'ganis server time). Mount runs also include any gear that drops from these end bosses for your class and armor type (311 ilvl).

Sylvanas Windrunner (pre-patch fated) with mount1,500,000
The Jailer (pre-patch fated) with mount1,500,000

Interested? Have questions? Talk to us on BNET: Osiris#1352