We did it! We're free! Finally free. A huge thank you to all of our raiders for pulling together to get our progression done before July vacations would have wrecked our availability. We ended up raiding 2 extra Wednesdays to get it done and it came down to the final hour of the final day of June.

Even getting ahead of our expected July vacations, the roster roulette we were forced to play was insane. For the majority of our progression, our healing comp changed each raid night. A huge shout out to Nero, Fred, and Stix for offspec healing for us at some point on prog, with Nero and Fred doing so on our kill.

We're taking a well deserved two week break to get the majority of our July vacations over with. Then we'll come back, farm out this place for 2 weeks, and hit the ground running for Season 4 and Affix Raiding. Are you looking for a new guild? Do we sound like a good fit for you? Go ahead and apply. We're looking for healers and DPS to finish our Shadowlands.